Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eric Chapman Artwork

This is my second installment of my weekly local artist feature. Again, I am featuring Eric Chapman, as part of a ten part series exhibit on my blog. Eric is a local artist from south shore Massachusetts. He is an amazing artist and painter. I hope that one of these painting will find a forever home, because each piece of work is so special, handmade, and one of a kind.

Titled: "Rojo"
Acrylic paint on canvas 40x30in
Pricing $700 (Price Negotiable)
Original Available

For all inquires or purchase information- Contact Eric Chapman

Monday, January 27, 2014

Don't Fall in Love Once

I know many people who believe that love in any type of relationship happens once; usually from the first "I love you" and that first moment of existential bliss. I don't want love to occur once in any singular aspect of my life, I want to love more deeply and fuller each day. Love is simply not one event it's a constant developing and growing event which extends deeper than a single moment. I want to feel that pure euphoria of falling in love over and over again. And I'm not talking about with multiple people or things, because we can always fall in love with multiple people, break hearts, and fall in love again. But that is not what I want. 

Often times I see relationships fall apart, because people do not continue to fall in love over and over again. When we fail to do this, we are failing to open our eyes and see deeper into our admiration of that other person. People develop the habits of forming into routines and growing too comfortable. After all, comfort is where we naturally want to be; however no one ever achieved pure happiness without taking a risk and making themselves vulnerable. Vulnerability and risk are the two important components to achieving happiness. We see that love often falls apart, because the excitement is lost and replaced by comfort. When we lose excitement, we search for it elsewhere. There are people who thrive off that euphoria of first falling in love, and once that feeling is gone and comfort sets in, they're ready to move on and repeat that process. It's a cycle, it's human. 

I don't have the answer to fixing broken love or ensuring that your partner will never ever leave you- that's just part of the unpredictability of life. But what I do know is that I thrive off of love and falling in love multiple times a day. For example, I love my dog. I have loved my dog from the first moment I laid eyes on her, but every so often I have moments where I see something new or realize that she does something that I have never found in any other the other pets I have ever loved, and I love and care for my pup more than I did the day before. The same things apply in a romantic relationship, it's the little imperfections and flaws that you begin to notice that should draw you more deeply to a person. It's the stories and morals that should draw you more deeply. We can't always be the people that we were on a first date- that was merely the perfect book cover of our lives. Sometimes our story looks compelling to some and indifferent to others. But the people who stuck around to read into your story are the people worth having, and the people who enjoy each others stories are the ones who are successful.

So I wonder why I see people complain about marriage and why that has to be such a depressing thing to happen. I believe that the reason why it's so depressing is because people got too comfortable, they settled into a routine and got bored and bound. They wonder what happened and why their happiness and love seems to be fleeing and I think it's because they stopped dating. When we are in the dating stage of a relationship, it's exciting, it's thrilling, you do fun things that you never thought that you would do with that person. It's the experience of excitement between two people that keeps the flame alive. So why does that have to end after a year into a relationship or when you get married? It shouldn't.

I have lived my life for a long time by involving positivity into my life, I feel like this is important. Because, believe it or not, positivity is much harder to maintain than negativity. We as humans are inheritably negative, it's easy. Positivity is exciting- it's constant work, but more importantly a positive attitude is contagious. The hardest thing to maintain is the most attractive thing you can have. No one likes to be around depression and no one likes to be stuck in "comfort" with someone who is negative. So find what ever it is that makes you as an individual happy. What is an activity that you love. What is it that makes YOU happy? ... and don't say a person, because interpersonal happiness cannot be truly achieved without individual happiness. When you live a life of happiness and excitement, then you can share that with someone else and you both can keep excitement in your life, enjoying things together. Maintain that "dating" aspect of any relationship you have that involves love- this could be a relationship, friendship, activity, pet, anything. Continue to live and learn and never settle for comfort and routine. I believe that this is the way that you can grow love and grow your happiness, because after all, happiness, love, and excitement are intertwined.

My Grammy's Fashion Crushes

I was a huge fan of long sequin and lace dresses this year. The grammy brought back the glam of high fashion with a elegant sophistication that every woman strives for. Taking the awards by storm was Chrissy Teigan. She was an absolute dream in her mermaid, sweetheart cut gown. John Legend is a lucky man- they took the cake for the Grammy's Golden Couple. Ciara glowed and looked incredible in her gown as well, showing off her baby bump. I loved her confidence and embracing of her beautiful body with all the life inside her. Taylor Swift was a dream in her silver and mesh gown. She looked absolutely stunning and I truly think that this is the best she has ever looked. Taylor has come a long way over the last couple years. Model Nicole Trunfio surprised us with her stunningly revealing dress showing off all the right parts at all the right places. Not many people can pull this look off, but she nailed it! Beyonce looked magnificent in her white lace dress. The minute I saw her on the red carpet, I was in love with her dress. The mermaid tail and cut was perfect for her body and emphasized her elegance. Kacey Musgraves not only surprised us all with her award for country album of the year, but also for her feminine, sleek, cut dress on the red carpet. I bow to her for being one of the few people who can pull off this stacked ruffle dress. 

The men of the Grammys stole the show in their classic ensembles while also pushing the limits with retro punk flair. One of my favorite male outfits for the night was John Legend. He nailed the classic tux and stole our hearts with his amazing performance dedicated to Crissy Teigan. Jay-Z and Beyonce are a power couple. I am always amazing to see Jay-Z jump from his amazing onstage outfits to a classy tux. The man sure knows how to dress. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis made more than just one amazing memory for everyone at the 2014 Grammys. Their take on the classic tux pushed the limits and won the hearts of all of us fashion admires. I take my beanie off to their incredible performance of the night and for bringing love equality into our lives through art. Calvin Harris looked handsome in his classic black tux, perfectly fit for a gentleman. Miguel stole my heart in this Goth Barbie dream of an ensemble. Kanye may have "created" the leather jogging pant, but Miguel owns them. I loved his incorporation of his individuality into his formal outfit- that's what makes him a true artist. Daft Punk brought the show in their robot ensembles. I praise them for being able to survive the night in those helmets. It must have been HOT in there! Regardless, they looked amazing and worthy of receiving all of those awards at the Grammys!

And incase you missed the show, these were my top three performances of the night




Thursday, January 23, 2014

Eric Chapman Artwork

This is the beginning of my local and independent art segment. I believe that there are a lot of artists out there who struggle to get their work seen by a great number of people. With the increased digital world, and the great difficulty of getting a spot in art shows and exhibits, artists feel the financial strain and frustration of having people truly enjoy their pieces. In today's culture, we tend to overlook the importance of real, original art in our homes, and settle for prints of famous piece of work that have been seen millions of times over. Original art is something that is irreplaceable and holds an importance in our lives- these are pieces that we collect, admire, and share with others. I remember the first time I bought a painting from a local artist in Roxbury, MA. When you fall in love with a piece, it's an indescribable feeling. I paid a great deal of money for the piece, but I cherish it so much. I would like everyone to have that feeling at least once in their lives. It's truly priceless. 

For the next couple of weeks, I will be showing pieces of abstract art by Massachusetts native, Eric Chapman. Eric has been a wonderful friend of mine. He works extremely hard and creates the most beautiful pieces of modern art I have ever seen. I wanted to share his work and hopefully find a forever home for these pieces. If you or anyone you know collects art, is looking for new pieces for their home, or is interested in purchasing/discussing a piece, feel free to e-mail Eric, directly. 

This piece is one of my favorites!
Titled: "Gravity"
Acrylic paint on canvas 40x30in
Pricing $700-1200 (Price Negotiable)
Original Available

For all inquires or purchase information- Contact Eric Chapman

If you or someone you know would like their work to be featured on my weekly art installment
please e-mail me at

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week in Review (January 9, 2013 - January 16, 2014)

What a long week this has been. I can't say that this week has been as eventful as the previous weeks; however I am still extremely content with everything that has happened. There have been amazing sunsets, I got a to drive a not so sweet rental car, the Patriots had an amazing game and are in the AFC championships, and I've been eating yummy healthy meals. After returning back to Boston, it felt amazing to get back into the gym for workouts. I wanted to make sure that I have a balance of physical activity alongside my work. After a busy day, it's sometimes tough to find the time and energy to get to the gym or go for a run. I've been working on my time management to make sure that I not only have plenty of time to get my work done, but I also have time for myself. 

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” 
― Leonardo Da Vinci

Top: WD NY
Bag: Angela & Roi
Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

January Birchbox

I received some mailbox treasures today. My monthly Birchbox is one of my favorite ways to discover new products. At only $10, it is totally worth every penny. This month was probably my favorite boxes that I have ever received. I also loved the "Hello 2014" greeting card - it was a wonderful touch this month. The card offered positive beginning of the year tips towards happiness and confidence and the importance of trying something new more often. I believe that pushing yourself further each day will develop you mentally, improve your confidence, and increase your sense of self.

NAIL ROCK (Full Size $10)
I've been eyeing nail rock products for months, but for over $10, I wasn't sure if this would be something that I would use more than once. I am so excited that I received a sample in my Birchbox. This is definitely something that I am excited to try out. (I will post my results soon). I received the Velvet Product in purple. 

FEKKAI (Full Size $20)
This hair product is rich in olive oil for all day shine and frizz taming capabilities.

My Thoughts:

I am ALWAYS looking for new hair products to use. I have long hair and a lot of it. So new hair products are always accepted with open arms in my house. After my shower today, I blow dried my hair and left it natural. Before using this product, my hair was a bit dull and definitely frizzy. I smoothed a small amount of into my hands and worked it onto my hair. I was surprised how light weight this product is and how amazing it made my hair look after. This is one of my favorite hair products I have received in my Birchbox so far. 

WHISH (Full Size $25)

Antioxidant-rich hydrator that firms skin with organic seaweed. 

My Thoughts:
At first I was a little turned off by the seaweed aspect. I love to eat it, but I was skeptical that this would smell like rotting ocean, BUT I was very wrong. I'm also not a huge body butter fan. In past experiences, body butter has been thick, greasy, and messy to use. After a quick shower today, I smoothed Whish on my skin and I was surprised how lightweight and grease-free this product is. Also the scent would surprise you- it is extremely pleasant and fresh smelling. After a few hours my skin felt smoother, softer, hydrated, and more firm. I definitely will purchase the full size of this product.

RETROSPECT (Full Size $50)

This is a gentle exfoliant that uses collagen-producing keratin to help reduce the signs of aging. I can't stress the importance of using anti aging products when your younger. Like preventing the flu with a vaccine, anti aging products are meant to help with the aging process BEFORE it occurs. So in your 20s is the best time to start using these types of products. I tried this product as soon as I got home. After a busy day of volunteering, yoga, and the gym, my face was in dire need of a cleanse. 

My Thoughts: 

I loved the fresh feeling after using this product. The exfoliant was gentle on my skin had a very fresh scent, which was invigorating and did wonders to my senses. After rinsing off the product, my skin felt nourished and firmer. I am definitely a fan of this product


Fresh tea blends straight from London. I received Mint Mystique Green Tea, Apricot Sunrise Black Tea, and English Tea No1 Black Tea. I thought that this was a perfect Birchbox extra for the New Year.

My Thoughts:

With the cold weather we have been having in Boston, I have resorted to green tea from Tazo and Yogi. I tried the Ahmad green tea and enjoyed it. My only criticism is the price of the tea. For half the price I can get Tazo or Yogi, and both of those are equally good in taste and blend as the Ahmad brand. I will probably stick to my routine on this one.